My special interest in Nature Photography came in 2008 while hiking through the northern range of Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago. As we ascended to the top of the mountain I witnessed a spectacular display of wildlife, water streams and waterfalls, complimented by the natural greens of the rainforest. Finally reaching to a clearing at the top, we were overlooking the vast beauty of the Caribbean sea on a clear sunny day. I was in total awe and thought how perfect it would be to have this moment captured, framed and hung on a wall in my home. Soon after, my first son was born, and as luck would have it, I was gifted my first digital point-and-shoot camera to photograph my son interactions with his new world, and of course, trekking back to that perfect spot on the northern range.

After moving to New Brunswick, Canada in 2011, I decided to upgrade my camera equipment and began exploring my outdoor surroundings to better familiarize myself with my new home. Immediately, I was reminded of my hiking days back in Trinidad and Tobago with the abundance of beautiful natural landscapes and waterways this part of Canada is well known for, together with interesting changes in nature brought on by the different seasons.

The images I create usually depicts a scene very similar to what I would experience at the moment, with subtle post processing techniques, just enough to bring attention to the areas of most importance and interest.

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